Garagemaid Garage Storage

Garage storage is something every home owner must come to terms with at some point. Our lives are just smack full of stuff. Stuff that has to go somewhere. Even though it's stuff that we hardly ever use or really even need, we just seem to keep hanging on to it year after year. Of course, there are lots of things we do need to access and use on a regular, albeit infrequent, basis. For example, Christmas does come around every year, so those boxes and boxes of decorations have to be accessible and ready to rock 'n roll when it's time to deck the halls. And all that sports and fishing equipment can't be buried somewhere when you need it. Lucky for home owners, effective do-it-yourself garage storage solutions are available from companies like Garagemaid. Consider the following:

Garagemaid has innovative garage storage systems that utilize interlocking connectors that are designed into each part. This means that there is no need to fuss with little fasteners that often just make assembly frustrating. The interlocking connectors add a lot of stability to the units, while at the same time making installation and assembly a snap. Once the unit is put together it's just a matter of attaching it to the studs of the wall for a great garage storage system.

One of the nice things about Garagemaid products is that they are made out of a high density polyethylene so it is virtually impervious to problems that often arise from wood products when they get wet. With high density polyethylene, things like rot, rust, or cracking are avoided all together. It is an easily cleanable product that doesn't have to be painted to look good.

Finally, the modular aspect of this system allows a variety of combinations that allow a more custom fit for your garage storage needs. You might start out with their basic storage cabinet that measures 84" tall x 22" wide. This has four adjustable shelves and a door on the upper part of the cabinet. The bottom part allows you to use up to four optional drawers. If you need additional garage storage you can just purchase additional shelves or even other cabinets with which it can be combined. This ability to customize really lets you get your storage just the way you want it in your garage space.

If you just need hooks for tools or other items you want to store on a wall, they also make a slat wall "workstation" kit with hooks. This unit is 42" wide x 39" tall. The kit includes 14 storage hooks that just snap securely into the slat wall where you want them. There is also a 4" x 24" storage basket that is designed to be used with the slat wall. These baskets are perfect for storing small items. The baskets have clear fronts so it's easy to see what is inside. These don't require any assembly. Just snap it in place and that's it!

By combining the different styles of cabinets, slat wall kit, hooks, and baskets together anyone can design and implement their own customized garage storage solution in minutes. Then you will be able to find anything you need at any time.


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